Vacation homes in Saxonian Switzerland


Room letting:
Mobil: +49172 1499580
Fon: +49351 4842539


Our service: Our rooms in Dresden and Wehlen (Saxonian Switzerland)
  can you book free of charge. You do not pay any
  commission fees. All prices of our sites are end prices.
  We offer to you inexpensive rooms, apartments and
  vacation homes with 1 to 4 rooms, in Wehlen.
  So you can favorably stay overnight in the
  Saxonian Switzerland.
  If you should have any questions to your overnight
  accomodation, please call us simply.
  We advise you gladly and give you detailed information to
  each overnight accomodation.
  We have inexpensive rooms and double rooms.
  With longer holding time for mechanics, students on offer
  seminars or during its vocational further training etc. we discounts to you.


If you have any question please call us to
+49351 4842539
+49172 1499580 (also evening, Sunday or holidays)
Also short term booking of the vacation home (journey on the same day)
and the allocation for 1 night possible.